Space Station Complete


Dazed Raccoons

There are 9969 uniquely generated Dazed Raccoons in the space club, each one earning rewards and unlocking other exclusive benefits  for YOU as a holder. 

100% Royalties to YOU

All royalties generated from trading fees will be invested back into our community on a weekly basis (95.8% goes straight in holders wallets)

Hold and hoard

By holding a raccoon you are entitled not only to your split of all revenue generated from fees, but you also get access to exclusive airdrops, giveaways, and best of all will be entered into a raffle for the biggest giveaway on Solana – A Tesla Model X

Special Abilities

No two Raccoons are the same, some raccoons even have special abilities, like the power to get a higher percentage of the royalties. Try your luck to get one or pick one up from the market — if you can!


We have taken both an experimental approach, and one in which our community’s interests are put first, in front of everything else.
Too many projects are coming out these days that just aren’t rewarding enough, or don’t do anything special. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that 100% of all royalty fees will be going back to our community, and that the Space Club is offering the most rewarding system around.

To create the most rewarding system possible for our holders, we have chosen a 22% royalty fee. There’s no doubt that 22% is a huge cut to take, however, we believe this allows for the most rewarding system and the most possibilities for all holders of a Dazed Raccoon Space Club NFT.
We hope that with this high a fee, we will keep the floor price high, as it won’t be worth it to sell the NFTs cheap! Besides this, we have a big plan for what the fee is going to be used for…

What will happen with the fee?

We will be giving holders 90% of all fees generated on sales. The remaining 10% also goes to the community, but this is where things get extra fun and rewarding.

4.69% of the trading fees collected will be distributed between our 69 Space Commander raccoons (in addition to their share of the 90%).

4.20% of the trading fees collected will be used to buy up the floor!
The community will then decide what we do with these buy-backs. We can give them away, airdrop them, burn them, or do something else creative with them (we will cast an individual vote each time we buy-back)!

There will additionally be 6 incredibly rare and extra special Dazed Raccoons. These 6 will be one of a kind with artwork different from all the others. The remaining 1.11% in fees will be used to reward the holders of these 6. Some being slightly more rewarding than the others (the most rewarding special raccoon will offer a 0.21% return to its holder, while the lowest will be offering 0.17% back to its holder).

That’s not all!

Just because of the fact that we’ve now given 100% of all our fees back to the community, doesn’t mean we’re done giving. There are other special rewarding abilities that exist in the Dazed Raccoon ecosystem.

All raccoon holders will be eligible for random periodic gifts and airdrops from the team.

5 special raccoons will be eligible for biweekly EXCLUSIVE rewards and airdrops from our partners/teams who are members of the Space Club round table.

100 raccoons are a bit more trashy than the rest and have mastered the art of dumpster-diving, which means they’ll sometimes find special surprise airdrops from OUR team. These items will vary in value and in use, they might be items required to play our upcoming game, or even be items that allow you to alter your NFT into a more unique and improved version of it, or just other neat collectables! Stay tuned to find out more about what will be coming to these special raccoons.

100% of royalties go to the community

22% royalty fee

90% goes directly back to holders

4,69% goes to the 69 space commanders

4,20% will be used to buy up the floor

1,11% are going to the extra special 6

A buttload of airdrops to lucky raccoons


Phase 1

- Announce Launch Date
- Launch Site
- Reveal Tokenomics
- Release Roadmap
- Build our Raccoon community from the ground up

Before Mint
Phase 2

- Presale mint TBA
- Influencer Onboarding
- Space Club round table invites go out to partners and teams

Phase 3

- Public mint TBA
- Listing on Solanart
- Release Rarity
- Listing on Howrareis
- First batch of rewards go out holders (100% fees back to community)
- First drop of exclusive airdrops to our special raccoons
- Burns and buybacks begin
- Grape Integration for holder voting
- Listings on additional marketplaces

Phase 4

- Dazed Racoon’s first game released to the Space Arcade
- Expansion of the Space Club (more details to come)
- Community airdrops of items needed in game and other exclusive collectibles
- Space Club marketplace
- IRL Live event exclusive to all holders
- Announcing our next project

Along the way

- Tesla Giveaway (minimum of 69% DRSC NFTs minted)
- Community events, contests, and giveaways
- Continued growth of our Space Club Round Table
- Aggressive Social Marketing
- Space Club DAO
- Raccoon Merch



Founder / Community Leader
Hi there, my name is Mikkel. For the past 3 years I have been studying in Switzerland.

For the last couple of years my passion has been crypto and stocks – and therefore, my interest in the NFT community has intensified a lot over the last 4 months. I've been involved in a couple different smaller projects but most notably I'm the official mascot of and I've been assisting projects like the "Bold Badgers”.

From the start, the goal for us has been to create our own amazing collection. My personal goal is to run the largest community on the market and insure every single member feels heard and appreciated.


Founder / Developer
Hey, my name is William. I'm a software student, already with 4+ years of programming experience.

My passion is, and has for a long time been, programming and development. I love creating, but I've never been artistically gifted, so I've always expressed my creativity through code and computers.

I'm fairly new to the NFT market, but I got pulled in by Buur, and instantly fell in love! I've got prior experience with smart-contracts and blockchain technology, so the obvious next step was to make a NFT of my own.
Let's make this shit amazing!


Hi. I'm Mildow. I'm a 20-year-old self-taught artist, who loves doing what I'm doing at the moment... Making fun, weird, and expressive art for you guys to enjoy!

I've been making art for as long as I can remember, and I'm dreaming of becoming a full-time artist and being able to support myself solely by making art.

That is the reason for me being on this amazing team, and the reason why I appreciate you all a lot! You being part of this dazed but wonderful racc-team is getting me one step closer to my dream <3

Big Mama

Head Admin
My name is Rob, I'm a software engineer with a strong background in the cryptocurrency industry over the course of the last five years. Full time trader, developer and dad!

I've been around in this space for some time. Being involved in trading, collecting NFTs, development and participating in helping to build the future of blockchain is what drives me. I can't wait to see what value we can add to the Solana Ecosystem and to watch as our project and community takes off!

As head admin I'm excited to help build up this community and be there every step of the way as we grow our Space Club into the greatest pack of misfits Solana has ever seen.


> What is the Dazed Raccoon Space Club?

The Dazed Raccoon Space Club (DRSC) is a unique NFT collection designed to not only be appreciated for it’s fun art, but to bring innovation to the Solana ecosystem. Our plan is to do things differently in a way in which we stand out amongst the sea of collections that are coming to this space every day.
Our collection and team puts our community FIRST every step of the way. Our biggest flex is being quite possibly the most rewarding and experimental project on Solana.

> What does the supply look like?

There will be 9969 Dazed Raccoons in total.

669 Dazed Raccoons will be reserved for our presale.

150 will be saved for community events, giveaways, and influencers.

8 are being reserved for the core team.

Leaving 9142 Dazed Raccoons to be sold during our public launch!

> When is the presale and public sale mint?

Presale date: TBA
(only for those whitelisted)

Public sale date: TBA

> Where will the secondary market be?

The secondary market will be on our favourite NFT-site Solanart AFTER mint.
If the community wants it, we are possibly also getting listed other places, but that isn’t our main priority.

> What will the mint price be, and how many can I mint?

Mint cost will be between 1-3 SOL depending on market conditions. We will clarify as the date gets closer and market conditions are more clear. We have the communities best interest in mind, and always will.


At the moment we have decided to allow up to 10 mints per wallet. This is subject to change.

> When and where is the rarity?

Our website will display all attributes and their rarity form “Common” to “Legendary” and their corresponding % rarity shortly after launch. We have decided that we don’t want to release the rarities beforehand as we want our community to have the chance to collect their favorites first. Having this slight delay in release of rarity can help to ensure a whale doesn’t come in and sweep them all right at launch.